Copán Ruinas - Hieroglyphic Staircase

From Wikipedia: The Hieroglyphic Stairway climbs the west side of Structure 10L-26. It is 10 meters (33 ft) wide and has a total of 62 steps. Stela M and its associated altar are at its base and a large sculpted figure is located in the centre of every 12th step. These figures are believed to represent the most important rulers in the dynastic history of the site. The stairway takes its name from the 2200 glyphs that together form the longest known Maya hieroglyphic text. The text is still being reconstructed, having been scrambled by the collapse of the glyphic blocks when the façade of the temple collapsed. The staircase measures 21 meters (69 ft) long and was first built by Uaxaclajuun Ub'aah K'awiil in AD 710, being reinstalled and expanded in the following phase of the temple by K'ak' Yipyaj Chan K'awiil in AD 755.


  • Just Norma on 2013-Sep-12 00:25:29 Just Norma said

    So hard to imagine how the structures were built...the equipment used and how many people it took to build. It must be an awesome feeling standing next to such ancient ruins. Wow! An amazing trip you are taking!

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