Loading the SUV

Elevation: 4367m (14,330ft)

Location: Near Laguna Colorada

The luggage goes on top, and the people go inside!

The hostel was basic: no heat, one shower (cold), and a shared bathroom with three stalls for ~20 guests. The power shut off at 9:30pm, and our room got down below 50ºF by sunrise. It was even colder out in the hall, where the icy wind came in through the broken window (not vandalized; broken by the wind). Outside, it froze.

Here and at the other three hostels we stayed at, it was a BYOTP, BYOL situation. BYOTP: bring your own toilet paper. BYOL: bring your own door lock. Of course, it could be that the locals see locks as unnecessary because crime is so low...


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