Video List

Hong Kong 2013:
Nightly Fireworks at Disneyland Hong Kong

Monterrico 2014:
Cuatrojos: 4-eyed fish
Black Tuna Jumping
Three Whales
Two or Three Whales
(the first whale is underwater, revealed by a ripple on the right)
Whale Tail

South Dakota??
South Dakota Creek - maybe

Belize 2014:
Plane to Belize
Plane from Belize - Check out the guy in the copilot seat

Mexican Rocks 2014:
Two Rays
More Coral
Rays and a Shark
Guide Feeding a Ray on the Bottom
Guide Feeding a Ray near the Surface

Bolivia 2015:
Roads between Tarija and Tupiza
Driving in the Dry Riverbed
Roadless Trailblazing
Salar de Uyuni: Sunrise Panorama
Volcán Tunupa & Salar Panorama
Vicuñas Running Acros the Salt
Laguna Negra Panorama
Furious Steam Vent
Sol de Mañana Geyser